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Finding your new hairdresser.

Finding your new hairdresser.

Finding a new hairdresser can be daunting. It’s one of those new tasks that we like to avoid but it’s important to take the time to find the perfect hairdresser. 

And once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s like finding a pot of gold (or more like hair gold!)

Try our hairdresser checklist to find your perfect match:

1- What do you want from your experience. 

Are you in search for the little perks of a hairdresser experience (like the nice oat latte or a glass of champers)? Or are you someone who wants to get in and out as quickly as possible? Is a detailed consultation important for you? Or are you more focused on a certain price point? 

Establishing exactly what you are looking for makes it easier to start your search. Make a quick list of what you need for your next experience to cross match them with your research and your list of hairdressers. 

2- Do you research.

We recommend checking out the salon’s Instagram or website to have a better understanding of the styles they create and the vibe of the salon itself. Salons can cater to specific styles (e.g. bright hair colouring, curly hair or extensions) and you want to make sure the salon is creating the hairstyles that you want. 

3- Customer reviews.

Make sure you check Google reviews and Instagram/Facebook to learn from others experiences before your first visit. Shared hairstyle photos are always good for your orientation also. If the salon has a range of bad reviews, we don’t recommend salon experimenting. 

4- Price check.

Always check the salon price list before making an appointment. The price can range per salon, and it’s important you know the price differences between a junior stylist and a senior stylist. There sometimes is also an extra charge for a blowout. Do the double check, so you’re not slammed with an unexpected bill at the end. 

5- Salon drop by.

You can always make a first appointment in person. That way you can chat with the receptionist or hairdressing team about what you want. If you want something specific, it's good to double check that the salon is able to provide you with the service you are looking for. Plus you can have a sneaky look at the salon itself. 

Is the atmosphere comfortable? Is it clean and appealing? Do the staff seem friendly? Being comfortable in the salon chair is always important, especially if you are going to be there for a while. 

6- Hairdresser chat.

To initiate a strong relationship with your new stylist, you can ask for an initial assessment (especially if you are concerned about hair specifics; scalp problems, hair structure, balding). A good hairdresser will always make time for you, examine those potential problem areas but will also ask about your hair care routine. Not only does this give you both a chance to get to know each other, but you can also gather some pretty helpful hair tips and product recommendations. 

7- Product review.

If you are specific about what products you use (vegan products, chemical free, allergy free or locally produced), make sure you are aware of what options are available in their salon. You can always call the salon to double check or drop by to check what they have. 

8- Don’t rush it. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to sit in that hairdresser chair for hours, but it’s so important to carve out the time for specific treatments. Ideally, only book a hair appointment (particularly a colour) if you have the time to spend at the salon with no tight time period. While we all know the approximate time the hair trip might take, but sometimes it can run overtime. You don’t want to worry about the time or panic your hairdresser into rushing, that’s when mistakes are made. Plus it makes the experience much more pleasurable and relaxing for you. 

Good luck on your hairdresser journey! 

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