Scrunchie benefits.

Scrunchie benefits.

If you haven’t jumped on the scrunchie train yet, it’s time! There are so many benefits to wearing a scrunchie, and we’ve listed them all for you.

We’re all about healthy hair care, and want to make sure you have the best products to protect your hair.


They don't cause breakage.

Scrunchies are much softer on the hair in comparison to a standard hair tie. The scrunchie layer (between the hair and elastic) adds a cushion to your hair to reduce friction and split ends. Plus they add softness to the styling and removal process, as the scrunchie glides over the hair and does not pull or tug.


Scrunchies won't leave kinks.

Kinks are not fun! But totally avoidable when wearing a scrunchie.

Scrunchies can be styled in the hair for a day, and when removed won’t give any kinks. It’s the reason why we love that scrunchie cushion layer; it acts a barrier and dramatically reduces lines in your hair.


Maintains healthy hair care

Scrunchies have major health care benefits! They are designed to prevent split ends and act as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics (so we are obsessed with wearing them to bed). The softness of the scrunchie helps to move with the hair and reduce friction between the hair fibre and other surfaces.


Simple to style on a bad hair day

We recommend washing your hair 1-2 times per week. So you’re bound to experience a bad hair day during the week. A scrunchie is perfect to wear during a workout or when you are having a bad hair day. We love a low bun and high ponytail. (Make sure you leave the hair strands at the front loose, so you don’t cause hair pulling).


Here are our Queen favourites:

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