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Our Story

QS was birthed after a girl’s night out, dancing to Kylie Minogue, drinking way too many cocktails and celebrating a girl bond that will last a lifetime. The next day we were glued to the sewing machine to create the most iconic friendship bracelets that will never break; fabric scrunchies.

We didn’t stop there! We had a vision to expand our girl gang, and celebrate all beauties with matching scrunchies… cause us ladies have to stick together!

Our scrunchies are all handmade by us in Amsterdam, from specially sourced fabrics, whilst using recycled fabrics and materials for special collections.

We’re so excited to welcome you to our girl gang…. you’re all our dream Queens!

Who are we?

We’re your fabulous fellow Queens and lovers of all hair accessories! We’re as new as new can be, but don’t be shy… we make some killer handmade scrunchies and we’re always here to answer your burning accessory questions or style needs.

We have a vision of creating accessories for the ever changing style of the modern woman. Our number one mission is to create a global, empowering and supportive girl gang, one hair accessory at a time.

Who are you?

You are strong! You are confident! And you are beautiful!

You care about female empowerment, and love the idea of being part of an international girl group focused on making a change. And you’re not afraid to express your own style at the same time!

You are someone we all admire, and a key member of our girl gang.

QS celebrates you!