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Amsterdam Handmade

Our Contribution to Positive Change

What we’re doing to help support people and the planet globally: 


Each month we donate an amount to remove more greenhouse gases than our carbon footprint puts in. We are planting trees and looking to invest in infrastructure for communities all around the planet.

We are on a mission to create sustainable products from 100% recycled plastic that has been collected from the ocean, beaches and waterways. We are focused on cleaning up the environment and promoting healthy ecosystems to thrive by finding a new function for the plastic we collect.

Our first product in our 100% recycled collection is our hair comb. We have up-cycled: 458 plastic bottles, 2220 bottles caps, 2000 plastic bags and 367 shampoo bottles. 

Check out our plastic journey so far.


As a small business we are taking a range of approaches to being a sustainable business focusing on ways to reduce our waste, ensure there is no over-production when creating our collections and reduce our carbon footprint.

We as a brand are aware of the need for change, especially in the fashion industry, and work together to live by our ecological commitments.

Check out our sustainable missions here.