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Amsterdam Handmade

Sustainable Mission

Here at Queen Scrunchie, we're stepping away from fast fashion and have a vision of bringing you 100% sustainable products.

We as a brand are aware of the need for change, especially in the fashion industry, and work together to live by our ecological commitments. 

Here are our commitments:

  • We have chosen to hand make all the products ourselves in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our fabrics are made from specially sourced local Amsterdam and EU fabric designers and suppliers, whilst using recycled fabrics and materials for special collections. 

  • Our 100% recycled hair combs are made in Bali, with our partner Ecollobo8. We are working to collect the plastic and rubbish for beaches, waterways and the ocean and finding sustainable ways to reuse what we collect and create a new function for that plastic. Together we are committed to no over-production, with only two combs being created per mould. 

  • The company we work with to create our 100% recycled combs is a SEDEX member. The factory is a clean environment, which we visited ourselves and all workers receive above average wage along with health insurance for themselves and all their family members. 
  • For our Amsterdam made hair accessories, we have made a conscious effort to make products per order basis. Which means we avoid overconsumption, and hold no extra fabric and stock in our warehouse. We purchase fabrics in small quantities and when necessary. 

  • Our fabric designers and suppliers are based in Amsterdam and the EU. We visit our fabric and material suppliers by bike. 
  • We pay particular attention to what is included in our packaging. We ship all our parcels in cardboard boxes which are either consumable or reusable. Occasionally, we may ship our orders in pink mailer bags that have been made from recycled materials and are biodegradable. We do not include plastic in our parcels (including our wholesale orders), and all material within the parcel is recyclable. 
  • We favour companies and our partners with ethical values and live their business model ecologically similar to ours.

  • Each month we donate to Ecologi, who plant trees and fund sustainable and different climate change projects worldwide.