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Amsterdam Handmade

We're transparent about our comb!

We're transparent about our comb!

When creating our products we have sustainable in mind! 

All our materials are sourced locally in The Netherlands and we hand make all our pieces in our Amsterdam Atelier. But we wanted to take a step further and bring a whole new product and sustainable focus to you. 

A hair comb was always on our list, but we wanted to create a comb that was 100% sustainable and on an island that we adore very much, Bali. 

Why Bali you may ask…. Well the rubbish and plastic crisis on Bali and around Indonesia is catastrophic. Kilometres of rubbish can be seen, with 60 tonnes of rubbish washing up on Bali’s most famous beaches (Kuta) per day and 90 tonnes of plastic washing into the waterways per day.

The next step was designing a unique comb. 

We had a couple of things in mind that we wanted to solve and create unique comb features: a comb that is versatile for all hair types (so we didn’t have to produce many different sizes or styles), a design that won’t snap (which is something we experience regularly with other combs) and a comb that has a grip feature so you can easily use it when combing in a hair mask or conditioner.

Original design of our plastic comb, the final product of our plastic comb and an overview of the rubbish on the Bali island at the beach.

Each comb also has its own edges and story, as they are hand poured and sanded down into a smooth comb. The process is very hands on with no mass machine making. The mould only makes two combs at a time, so each comb is unique and has its own grooves, indents and markings. 

These combs are special, as they are different from your ‘usual’ comb and each comb indent and slight imperfection reflects our vision of disrupting the fashion and accessory industry. Our goal is to push these companies forward to make more sustainable choices when creating new products. 

Our small batch creation of this comb is our first product we are introducing to our collection and our new company vision. We’re focused on making a sustainable product while cleaning up the environment at the same time. Our vision is to create essential accessories for all, while we support local communities through our charities, clean up the waterways by collecting plastic and educating consumers to make sustainable choices. 

In the process of creating these combs, we have collected: 
Plastic amounts we have up cycled in our new recycled plastic comb