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Amsterdam Handmade

Why is our comb so special?

Why is our comb so special?

Our combs are made from 100% recycled plastic, collected from Bali and Indonesian islands. We’re bringing you an essential accessory that also cleans up the environment at the same time and promoting the establishment of ecosystems. 

We had a non-negotiable points: 

- Creating a comb that is one size fits all. The special wide tooth design can be used on all hair types, so we don't need to make multiple different sizes and don't overproduce. 

- We wanted to create an essential product that does something good for the planet and for the children on Bali. When creating this comb we collected the plastic and rubbish from Bali and Indonesia islands. And 10% profit of our first comb batch is donated to a Bali Orphanage 'Seeds of Hope Children's Home.' 

- A design that's made from up-cycled plastics but can also be up-cycled if it happens to be damaged, making it a continuous cycle of recycling. If your comb becomes damages, you can send it back to us and we will recycled it back into a new comb. Special comb features of our 100% recycled plastic comb

Our favourite and most unique comb features: 

 How we create our wide tooth comb: 

A look at the plastic crisis on Bali, Indonesia: